Unit 10 Quiz

The assessment of language learners with dyslexia

This quiz covers the material presented in Unit 10

Please note that in some of the questions more than one answer is possible and that in some of the questions you are asked to fill in the blanks or provide a short answer.

Quiz rules:

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Choose the correct answer.

Which are test fairness principles?

Mark all correct answers.

When preparing a reading test for students with dyslexia, you need to consider:

Mark all the correct answers.

Consider the layout of the input text for the reading assessment task presented below. Which things related to the layout of the text make the reading process especially difficult for students with dyslexia?

Love can conquer everything

Once upon a time there was a princess. She lived in a castle with hundredsof rooms. She had everything but she was still not happy. She didn’t have any brothers or sisters. Her parents loved her very much and bought her everything she could wish for. One day a very handsome young prince came to visit to the castle. He was very sporty and liked reading books. The princess finally found a friend and both spent all their free time together. They went to the woods and sat down on the lawn and read books, talked with each other, sang songs and dreamt of the bright future.  However, their happiness was interrupted by the arrival of an old woman who looked like a mean witch. She was actually a very unfriendly and selfish with which came to spoil the lovers’ happiness. One night she enchanted the prince and the princess so that they would fall into a deep sleep for many years to come. Only a child with lots of strong will and determination could save them.

Fill in the blanks in the text below with single words.

In testing reading, students with dyslexia may be provided with several accommodations regarding the presentation format, such as (a) screen (b) reading, (c) print and (d) coloured

Fill in the blanks in the text below with single words.

When assessing students’ writing, it is advisable to provide constructive (a) at the end of the piece of work, which will help the learner to improve his/her writing. This can include different kinds of prompts, namely (b) prompts (e.g. go back and write that again), (c) prompts (e.g. how do we address someone formally?) or a (b) prompts (e.g. an adverb ends with ‘-ly’).

Mark all the correct answers.

Which definition discussing accommodations versus modifications is NOT true?

Choose the correct answer.

(...) is not a useful accommodation which would support students with dyslexia in giving their responses in a written test/exam.

Choose the correct answer.

Students with dyslexia may have trouble with texts that contain:

Mark all the correct answers.

Which are typical accommodations in test timing?

Choose the correct answer.

Which of the following should not be used for assessing reading comprehension in learners with dyslexia?
    1) Filling in missing words in a reading text
    2) Answering close-ended questions

Choose the correct answer.

Which is NOT true?

Choose the correct answer.

Consider the reading comprehension assessment task designed for young learners presented below. Why would students with dyslexia find the reading process and thus doing the reading task easier?


My favourite animal
By Karmen Pizorn

Read the text and answer the questions.
I am Peter and my father works in one of the zoos in Thailand. I often go with him to the zoo and watch animals for hours. I would like to talk about my most favourite animal in this zoo. This is Monkey George who is a nice and friendly young monkey. As you probably know monkeys are one of the funniest animals in nature. They are full of curiosity and adventure but they are also mischievous and intelligent. Monkey George is fun to observe. He jumps from one branch to the other and then suddenly hides among branches in the top of the tree. After some time, there will be leaves or nuts coming down and you can see his happy face if he hits his friends’ heads who are relaxing under the tree.

    1. Why does Peter spend a lot of time at the zoo?
    2. Who is Peter going to describe?
    3. What are monkeys like?
    4. What does George throw from the tree?

Mark all the correct answers.

Why may students with dyslexia find the reading comprehension assessment task below difficult?

Choose the correct answer.
When taking a test, students with dyslexia usually need (...) time as other students to complete the set test tasks.

Mark all the correct answers.

Useful and practical suggestions for accommodating students with dyslexia when taking a test include:

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