Needs analysis report

DysTEFL2_ O1_Methodology and Tools for Needs Analysis

The documents we compiled for the needs analysis stage of the project involved: 1) guidelines (method and process) for conducting the needs analysis, specifying in detail the sequence of steps to be taken by all project partners in order to achieve the objectives of this stage, 2) a template for documenting information collected during desk research, 3) a questionnaire which was then distributed among teachers in paper and electronic form as well as a template for the needs analysis report.

DysTEFL2 O2 Report on research
resultsThe report on EFL teachers' training needs and course certification guidelines and procedures contains the data gathered from the questionnaire survey and desk research by the project partners. It provides an executive summary, introduction containing the background, objectives, research method and process. This is followed by the description of the research sample and research findings (divided into two main subsections - questionnaire survey results and desk research results). Conclusions and implications constitute the final chapter and are followed by the appendices.