Dystefl achivements

Eltons 2014 Winner CourseInnovativeThe DysTEFL project succeeded in showing the need to train EFL teachers in order to reinforce support for dyslexic students in mainstream education and in developing excellent innovative EFL teacher training course and materials. The excellence of DysTEFL's course has been confirmed by the British Council’s ELTon award for “Excellence in Course Innovation”. The ELTons (http://englishagenda.britishcouncil.org/eltons) are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in English language teaching (ELT). They reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals.




elll_logoDysTEFL project received the European Language Label award which is awarded to local, regional, and national projects that have found creative ways to improve the quality of language teaching, motivate students, make the best use of available resources to diversify the languages on offer, and other innovative initiatives. DysTEFL project is a part of the European Language Label database for innovative projects in language teaching and learning (http://ec.europa.eu/education/language/label/label_public/index.cfm?fuseaction=project_award&award_id=9508). The database (http://ec.europa.eu/education/language/label/label_public/index.cfm?CFID=1630919&CFTOKEN=29314108&jsessionid=13edf4a1ff7bf43462f5457754313d412876TR) aims to inspire practitioners, stakeholders and policymakers by presenting "best practices" in the field of language teaching and learning.