Target Group

The primary target group for the DysTEFL2 project are pre- and in-service teachers of English as a foreign language from the project partner countries and beyond. The project aspires to increase opportunities for professional development of EFL teachers, which, if taken, shall result in enhanced competencies, greater level of awareness, knowledge and skills with regard to teachers’ abilities to cater for individual differences in language learning and special educational needs of a disadvantaged group of dyslexic learners. EFL teachers’ understanding and responsiveness will foster equity and inclusion of dyslexic foreign language students in mainstream education through the choice of appropriate teaching approaches and maximising the quality of teaching. In this way, even though reached indirectly, dyslexic individuals also constitute a target group of the DysTEFL2 project.
The project also targets educational stakeholders, especially teacher training institutions, such as universities, teacher colleges, in-service teacher training/continuing professional development institutions and organizations as well as teacher trainers, policy makers, educational authorities, school headmasters, research centers. Local, national and international bodies dealing with teacher training, responsible for compiling curricula and teaching programmes and granting teaching qualifications will be contacted and informed about the project activities and outcomes. This will be done with the aim of raising their awareness of the special educational needs of dyslexic foreign language learners and about the professional development needs of EFL teachers concerning providing high quality teaching to dyslexic learners.