The aim of the DysTEFL2 project is to improve the scheme of initial training and continuing professional development of teachers of English as a foreign language so that teachers can gain the necessary knowledge, strategies, competences and skills to adapt their teaching to special educational needs of students with dyslexia. We believe this translates into enhanced quality of classroom teaching and learning processes because teachers are the most important determinants of how learners will perform and what teachers know, do, and care about constitute the key to improving the performance of learners. Hence, foreign language teachers who are aware of the specific problems encountered by students with dyslexia in foreign language study as well as the ways they learn best are better able to understand why traditional approaches in foreign language teaching are not effective enough for these students and how to provide them with high quality teaching. Thus, the project follows the European educational priorities of supporting the EFL teaching profession for better learning outcomes, improving EFL teacher professional profile promoted by the teacher training institutions, reinforcing support and inclusion education for students with special educational needs, improving the attainment of key competences such as foreign language command and reducing early school leaving.