Multiplier Event in Kastoria, Greece, March 18th 2016.

The event was organized in a cooperation with Greek Applied Linguistics Association.  There were 58 participants.  All participants were either teachers or teacher trainers for the teaching of English as a foreign language while the majority of them were working at state primary and secondary schools.

The group was quite mixed in their background and level of knowledge as some of them came from primary education while others from secondary and tertiary education. Although heterogeneous, the group developed a good rapport among them and they cooperated effectively during the workshop. The presented topics covered a wide range of theoretical and practical issues related to dyslexia and to the teaching of learners with dyslexia. There was also a practical workshop on the teaching material developed for the purposes of the project.

In the multiplier event two people talked about DysTEFL2: Marina Mattheoudakis and Thomai Alexiou.

The group gave us interesting feedback and comments regarding both the content of the materials and the presentations. All participants found that the online course was extremely interesting and wanted to download everything at once; furthermore, they expressed eagerness to attend a course on a face-to-face basis if possible at a future event.